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La Forza delle Stelle


ovvero Il Damone


Serenata a 5 voci, concertino e concerto grosso



 Nora Tabbush Damone S

 Claudia Di Carlo Clori S      



Nora Tabbush S1

Claudia Di Carlo S2

Raffaele Pè A

Maurizio Dalena T

Mauro Borgioni B


Andrea de Carlo direction



Gustavus, the ambitious warrior-king of Sweden, was determined to raise his daughter Cristina to rule and had her taught the skills of war and of the mind.  What he didn’t expect was that she would also inherit his passion for music, and that it was this that made her renounce the religion of her ancestors as well as her throne, and move to Rome, the center of her new faith as well as of baroque music.  Here she surrounded herself with the best singers and instrumentalists, and even wrote a recently-disovered scenario for a serenata, an evening’s entertainment she wanted to organize.  She envisioned the lovers Damone and Clori declaring their love one evening under a moon-lit sky, and then overhearing passersby talk about the ‘power of the stars’, La forza delle stelle, to aid or thwart love.  It was a wonderful theme made explicit in the poet Baldini’s text, and through the gloriously expressive music of Stradella - recorded here for the first time - to transport us into that magical world of romance and love and mystery.


Carolyn Gianturco

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