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6&8 OCTOBER 2021 20:30 by invitation


9 OCTOBER from 20:00 open day


Opera for seven voices, 2 violins and b.c. by A. Stradella

conductor Andrea De Carlo
direction Fabiano Pietrosanti

scenes and costumes Nicole Figini



JOANNA RADZISZEWSKA – Eurinda Queen of Sicily (S)
INES VINKELAU - Lucinda first lady of the court (S)
DANILO PASTORE - Floridoro/Feraspe prince of Cyprus (A)
CARLOS A. PALACIO - Filandro ambassador of the king of Naples (T)
ELEONORA FILIPPONI - Lindora nurse (A)
ALICJA CIESIELCZUK - Fiorino page of Floridoro (S)
MASASHI TOMOSUGI - Rodrigo councilor (B)

Moro per Amore (The Moor for Love), Alessandro Stradella's last opera written in Genoa shortly before his death, returns to Rome in the prestigious setting of the theater of Palazzo Altemps.


It is a timeless masterpiece, exciting and engaging, which anticipates the language of the centuries to come and projects it into the future.


Andrea de Carlo, director of the Ensemble Mare Nostrum and of the Baroque Festival Alessandro Stradella, guides the young international talents of the Stradella Y-Project in a lively and topical interpretation through the different souls of Stradella, where the contrapuntal genius meets and dialogues with a swaying rhythmic sensitivity, a predilection for weak tempos worthy of a jazz musician, a subtle ability to translate into music the affections and emotions of the word, a modern openness towards exotic influences, an intolerance for predictability that generates a language that is always new and vital.


The STRADELLA Y-PROJECT was born in 2011 at the A. Casella Conservatory of Music in L’Aquila with the aim of approaching young singers and instrumentalists to baroque music and especially to the great composer born in Bologna in 1643. His original and innovative language begins from the Renaissance counterpoint and project himself forward, embracing three centuries of music style: this  is a powerful educational tool and at the same time a valuable bridge between the learning and professional experience.

The STRADELLA Y-PROJECT in recent years has given life to three oratorios,  a serenade and an opera, some of which are absolute world premieres, thanks to the collaboration of important Italian and foreign musical institutions: in addition to the A. Casella Conservatory of Music of L’Aquila, the Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles CMBV, the Centre of Ancient Music of the Pietà dei Turchini of Naples, the Pergolesi Spontini Foundation of Jesi, the Accademy of Lyric Art of Osimo, the International Alessandro Stradella Festival of Nepi (VT), the “Grandezze  & Meraviglie” Festival of Modena, the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, the Torlonia Theatre of Rome, the Barattelli Concerts Society of L’Aquila, the Oratorio del Gonfalone of Rome.

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