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S.Giovanni Crisostomo


Oratorio di Alessandro Stradella per 5 voci e b.c.



Arianna Vendittelli Eudosia (S)

 Mauro Borgioni S.Giovanni Crisostomo (B)

Filippo Mineccia Inviato di Roma (A)

Luca Cervoni Teofilo (T)

Nora Tabbush Inviato di Roma, Consigliere (S)


Andrea de Carlo direction




Giovanni of Antioch (ca. 350-407 ), Patriarch of Constantinople, boasted such talents as an orator to deserve the title " Chrysostom ", golden mouth .
Its rigor earned him much criticism and strong opposition from some of the power that forced him into exile, during which he died.

The oratory of Stradella is devoted entirely to the contrast between the Empress Eudosia and Chrysostom, condemning the idolatry of her marble statue. Eudosia, for fear of losing his authority, tries to bend it, supported by her adviser Theodosius, while some sent to Rome in vain attempt to defend Giovanni.

The protagonists are definitely Eudosia (soprano) and St. John (bass), but the other characters are not relegated to the role of mere onlookers. Written for solo voices and basso continuo without the addition of instruments (remember that the St. Giovanni Battista could count on a concertino and concerto grosso!), The oratory is, however, rich in colors and dramatic shades, that Stradella obtained using all the possibilities available to him in alternating arias, duets, trios and recitative in which the great melodic ability, the surprising rhythmic solutions and the precious counterpoint and continuous transition between acting, airy and air carry the music writing at its best.


Luca Della Libera

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